Rubber Modified Compound

Flexiblend® compound is our company’s range of rubber modified polypropylene compounds developed mainly for applications requiring different range of flexibility and impact strength by incorporating varying levels of mineral fillers and impact modifiers.

Flexiblend® is developed by combining the inherent flexible properties of natural rubber with the superb processibility of rubber modified thermoplastic compound.

Flexiblend® compounds feature izod impact strength range from 80J/m to 580 J/m and flexibility range from shore A 70 to shore D 80. Flexiblend can be processed by using hi speed and precise injection molding, sheet extrusion machines or blow molding machines to make products with different flexibility and hardness.

Automotive Bumpers Front & Back


  • Automotive Bumpers
  • Automotive Instrument Panel
  • Automotive Internal and External Molding
  • High Toughness
  • High Tensile Elongation