Thermoplastics Alloy Compounds

LoyblendTM is CIPC line of thermoplastics alloy such as PC/ABS and PC/PBT with different flow and thermal properties. LoyblendTM PC/ABS is a compounded blend of polycarbonate and ABS. The PC contributes impact and heat distortion resistance, while the ABS contributes processability and chemical stress resistance. LoyblendTM PC/ABS is used for portable appliances, handphones, printer enclosures, automotive instrument panel retainers, laptop computer cases, camera housings, disk drives chassis etc. LoyblendTM PC/PBT is a compounded blend of Polycarbonate and PBT. The PC contributes impact, stiffness and heat resistance while the PBT contributes chemical resistance. The usual moisture sensitivity of the crystalline PBT is overcome by the PC in the blend. LoyblendTM PC/PBT is used in automotive side moldings, lawn and garden hoods, hand tools housings etc.