Reinforced Compounds

ToughblendTM compounds is made from a wide selection of base resins blended with reinforcers such as glass fiber, glass beads and carbon fiber. ToughblendTM compound is an excellent alternative to metal in application for products require improved mechanical properties, special toughness, dimensional stability, temperature and chemically resistance.

As compared to neat resins, ToughblendTM offers spectacular improvements in terms of tensile strength, toughness ad other properties. As compared to metal, ToughblendTM allows product engineers more freedom to design injection molded parts with the benefits of lighter part weight which leads to better cost competitiveness. Most ToughblendTM compounds also come with some other properties such as flame retardant, wear resistant, lubricated and colour.

Typical Applications:

  • Automotive headlamps housings & engine covers
  • Power hand drill tools
  • Door handles and levers
  • Outdoor satellites handles
  • Automotive battery tray


Air Condition Tri Leg

Automotive Fan Grille

Printers Spitton

Power Drill Mechanism

Automotive Battery Tray