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Since its initial production, we have concentrated only on colour compounding of thermoplastics until the management has made its decision to go one step higher to venture into specialty compound in year 2002. As of today, CIPC compounds a wide range of commodity as well as engineering thermoplastics. There is a wide selection of fillers, additives and reinforcements depend very much on different products applications. Apart from our general products grades, we do specialize in developing special formulations to meet complex product design requirements.

Compounding is a process of melting and blending of polymers with some other additives as well as fillers to achieve a certain polymer performance for different product applications. This process changes the physical, electrical, thermal as well as aesthetic properties of polymers.

Our experienced engineers have more than 15 years of specialty compounds experience by combining a wide range of base resins with different types of additives, fillers, reinforcers and pigments which leads to superb quality structural, precoloured, lubricated, flame retardant, electrically and thermally conductive compounds.

Specialized in :

  • Colour compounding for most of the thermoplastic resins such as ABS, PS, PP, PE, AS, Nylon, PBT, PET, POM, PMMA and PC.
  • Specialty compounds such as weather resistant, wear resistant, flame retardant, Talc, Wollastonite, glass & carbon fiber compounds for most of the engineering thermoplastic such as ABS, PC, PA 66/6/11/12, PSU, PEEK, PES etc.

List of Machines :

  • 2 units of 120mm high output single screw extrusion line
  • 2 units of 100mm high output single screw extrusion line
  • 1 unit of 55mm single screw extrusion line
  • 1 unit of 58mm twin screw extrusion line
  • 2 units of 70mm twin screw high output compounding line comes with highly accurate European gravimetric feeders
  • 3 units of injection machines
  • 8 units of high end pallet cutter
  • 2 units of dehumidifying machine

List of Physical Properties Testing & Colour Matching Equipments :

  • Latest computer colour matching spectrophotometer comes with colour matching software.
  • Melt Flow Index tester, which is able to perform method A, and method B. Complies to ASTM D-1238 and ISO 130 standards
  • Impact tester, which can perform Izod and charpy impact testing that compiles to ASTM D - 256 and ISO 113 standards
  • Microscope for checking incoming raw materials Black spec

Quality Control :

  • 2 units of hot forming machines for black spec injection and colour dispersion
  • 1 unit HDT / VICAT testing equipment complying to ASTM and ISO standard
  • 1 unit of UTM (universal testing machine) for tensile and flexural strength complying to ASTM and ISO standard
  • 1 unit of UL flammability chamber for UL-94 flammability testing
  • 1 unit of megaohmeter for checking conductivity
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