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Colour Image Plastic Compound (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (CIPC) is a high tech company specialise in developing and selling high performance engineering plastic compound.

CIPC was formed in November 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of Idealpoly Corporation Sdn Bhd. Initially CIPC has just started selling normal pre coloured ABS and HIPS unfilled material for one of the renowned Japanese air conditioning manufacturer. Due to our quality consistency and competitive pricing, CIPC has been appointed by Total Petrochemical South East Asia as a long term UL recognized toll compounder for some world class companies such as Hewlett Packard, Sony and Matsushita.

In March 2002, CIPC started to venture into developing manufacturing high end engineering plastic compound. Our manufacturing plant is situated in Balakong industrial park, Selangor with a total production capacity of approximately 28,000 metric ton per year. Our engineering plastic compound mainly supplying to electronic, automotive, electrical home appliances, construction, communication and sport equipment market.


Technical & Quality Control Capabilities

CIPC has committed to recruit a group of high caliber and experienced R&D technical personnel to perform endless new product developmental task to cater for dynamic upcoming markets and applications. CIPC is working closely with University Sains Malaysia (USM) and University Institute Mara (UITM) to co-develop new formulations for different applications and to explore process know how improvements.

CIPC is currently using high tech German & Italian manufactured high torque twin screw extruders to manufacture consistent quality high performance engineering plastic compounds.

Quality assurance has been CIPC’s continuous strategy and direction, we strongly believe that quality assurance is the basic of survival. In year 2001, we have been successfully accredited by Swiss based SGS for ISO 9001:2000. Sony Corporation Japan has awarded us “Sony Green Partner” as our effort to operate and maintain “Green Procurement”. CIPC is currently working towards ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System. All these certification play an important role in ensuring customers’ confidence.

With stringent EU RoHS rules and regulations, all based resins, additives, colorants, flame retardant used by CIPC are all RoHS compliance so as to ensure our products will not pose a threat to human health.

To ensure quality consistency, CIPC has brought in all lab equipments made from USA, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. For example, Universal Testing Machine (Instron), Electronic Display Izod Impact Tester (Ceast), HDT/Vicat Tester (Ceast), DSC, MFR Tester, Durometer, Microscope, SG balance, Surface Resistivity Checker, Colour Spectrometer (Minolta), Rockwell Hardness Tester (Wilson Wolpert)



Given the current stringent environmental requirements for the so-called “HEAVY METAL FREE" or "ROHS compliance" products imposed by most of the countries from the European Union (EU), our compounded resins meet our customers TECHNICAL STANDARD which depicts the allowable level of heavy metals (PPM) present in the plastic components. We have been officially appointed as “SONY GREEN PARTNER" in February 2005.

Due to the increase in environmental awareness in most of the manufacturing sectors globally, our company has started working towards ISO14001 which is to be completed in first quarter in 2007. The sole intention is to become an environmental responsible manufacturer.



ISO 9001 Quality Policy

Colour Image Plastic Compound Sdn. Bhd. is committed by continuously looking into "Customer Interest As Our Employer" of working towards achieving "Total Customer Satisfaction for On-Time Delivery and Zero Customer Complaint.

Colour Image Plastic Compound Sdn. Bhd. adalah kommited secara berterusan dengan melihat "Kepentingan Pelanggan Sebagai Majikan" untuk bekerja ke arah mencapai "Kepuasan Pelanggan Secara Keseluruhan" bagi penghantaran mengikut jadual dan aduan sifar daripada pelanggan.


The company name called CIPC have been used by the management to write the first statement word for ISO 9001 Slogan. All CIPC employees and management are committed to assuring that this slogan is implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of the organization.




ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification

ISO 9001 Objectives & Targets in English Language/ Bahasa Malaysia

Committed to meet customer requirements / Capai keperluan pelanggan dengan keyakinan.
ISO 9001 Quality Target / ISO 9001 Objektif Kuality:
For Production Dept -Working towards On-Time Delivery to Customer at Above 98% / Bekerja Ke Arah Penghantaran Mengikut Jadual Kepada Pelanggan Melebihi 98%.

For QA Dept - Working towards Less Customer Complaint at Below 3 Cases per Month / Bekerja Ke Arah Kurang Aduan Pelanggan Iaitu Di Bawah 3 Kes Sebulan.

Improve teamwork for better productivity / Ingat kerjasama untuk productivit tinggi.
ISO 9001 Quality Target / ISO 9001 Objektif Kuality:
For Production Dept - Working towards Machine Downtime at Below 9% / Bekerja Ke Arah ‘Mesin Downtime’ di bawah 9%.
- Working towards Machine Breakdown at Below 5% / Bekerja Ke Arah “Kerosakan Mesin” Di Bawah 5%.

Product quality is everybody's responsibility / Produk kualiti adalah tanggungjawab bersama.
ISO 9001 Quality Target / ISO 9001 Objektif Kuality:
For Admin Dept - Working towards Good Attendance Records for MC (Medical leave) at Below 7 Days per Year / Bekerja Ke Arah Rekod Kedatangan Baik Iaitu MC Di Bawah 7 Hari Setahun.

For HR Section - Upgrade Production Employee Skill by At Least 90% Skilled Workers / Tingkat Skil Pekerja Pengeluaran Dengan Minimum 90% Pekerja Kategori Mahir.

For QA Section - Working towards Low Internal Rejection Rate at Below 0.7% / Bekerja Ke Arah Kadar Buangan Dalaman Di Bawah 0.7%.

Customer complaint degrades company image / Capai kepuasan pelanggan tanpa aduan.
ISO 9001 Quality Target / ISO 9001 Objektif Kuality:
For Sales & Marketing Dept - Working towards Increase Sales Volume at Above 300MT per Month for Engineering Plastic and Normal Compounding / Bekerja Ke Arah Peningkatan Kadar Jualan Melebihi 300MT Sebulan untuk “Engineering Plastic” dan “Normal Compounding”


ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

Colour Image Plastic Compound Sdn. Bhd is committed to comply with applicable legal requirements and global environmental directives (RoHS & REACH Directive), to manage the recyclable production waste, to manufacture environmental friendly products to meet customer requirements in order to be an environmental responsible manufacturer and to review the policy, objectives & targets on half yearly basis for continual improvement.

Colour Image Plastic Compound Sdn. Bhd adalah komited untuk mematuhi keperluan perundangan dan peruntukan persekitaran (WEEE, RoHS & REACH) yang berkaitan, mengawal pengeluaran buangan yang boleh dikitar-semula, mengeluarkan produk yang mesra alam bagi memenuhi kehendak para pelanggan sebagai pengeluar yang bertanggungjawab terhadap alam sekitar dan mengulas polisi, objektif & target secara tahunan bagi tujuan peningkatan berterusan.

All CIPC employees and management are committed to ensure that the ISO 14001 Environmental Objectives and Targets are implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of the organization and to review the objectives & targets on half yearly basis for continual improvement.


ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental System Certification

ISO 14001 Objectives & Targets in English Language/ Bahasa Malaysia

a) Admin Department
Objective / Objektif:
Working towards maintaining a healthy working environment. / Bekerja ke arah mengekalkan persekitaran kerja yang sihat.

Target / target :
To achieve at least less than 1% Medical Leave for the environmental related sickness or accident. / Untuk mencapai kurang daripada 1% cuti sakit bagi kriteria kemalangan dan kesakitan mengenai persekitaran kerja.

b) Sales and Marketing Department
Objective / Objektif:
To satisfy customer needs and requirement comply with RoHS & REACH directive requirements. / Untuk mencapai kehendak dan keperluan para pelanggan dan mematuhi keperluan Peruntukan RoHS & REACH

Target / target :
To achieve at least 80% customer satisfaction via EMS survey form. / Untuk mencapai minimum 80% kepuasan pelanggan melalui borang soal selidik EMS.

c) QA Department

Lab Section
Objective / Objektif:
To ensure all compounded resins produced are compliance with RoHS & REACH directive / Untuk memastikan semua compounded resins yang dihasilkan adalah mencapai kehendak peruntukan RoHS & REACH.

Target/ target:
Working towards 100% compliance on raw materials (resin, pigment & additives & packaging materials) for RoHS directive / Bekerja ke arah 100% compliance bagi bahan mentah (resin, pigment & additives dan packaging materials) terhadap RoHS Directive.

Working towards 90% compliance on raw materials (resin, pigment & additives) for REACH directive / Bekerja ke arah 90% compliance bagi bahan mentah (resin and pigment & additives) terhadap REACH Directive.

QC Section
Objective / Objektif:
Working towards monitoring compliance on legal requirement for scheduled waste/ Bekerja kearah mengawasi pencapaian terhadap keperluan perundangan bagi bahan buangan berjadual

Target/ target:
To ensure proper scheduled waste record and to reduce at least 5% on annually basis / Untuk memastikan rekod bahan buangan berjadual adalah tersusun dan untuk mengurangkan sekurang-kurangnya 5% secara tahunan.

d) Production Department
Objective / Objektif:
Produce environmental friendly product that meet RoHS & REACH directive requirement and practice recycling culture for recyclable waste / Mengeluarkan produk yang mesra alam dan memenuhi kehendak peruntukan RoHS & REACH dan mengamalkan budaya kitar semula bagi bahan buangan yang boleh dikitarsemula

Target/ target:
To monitor un-controllable waste at below 1.6% versus actual quantity produced / Untuk mengawal bahan buangan yang tidak dapat dikawal di bawah 1.6% berbanding dengan jumlah pengeluaran sebenar

e) Green Program Team
Objective / Objektif:
To reduce natural resource usage for electricity & water / Untuk mengurangkan penggunaan sumber semulajadi bagi elektrik & air

Target/ target:
To achieve at least 2-5% less usage of electricity & water versus production output / Untuk mencapai 2-5% penggunaan berkurangan bagi elektrik dan air berbanding dengan pengeluaran sebenar

f) Audit Team
Objective / Objektif:
To audit the supplier if they are non compliance towards Lab Dept objective / Untuk mengaudit para pembekal sekiranya mereka tidak mencapai kehendak objektif Bahagian Makmal

Target/ target:
To audit at least one supplier on yearly basis / Untuk mengaudit sekurang-kurangnya satu pembekal secara tahunan

g) Legal Requirement Team
Objective / Objektif:
Working towards less scheduled waste generated / Bekerja kearah penjanaan bahan buangan berjadual yang berkurangan

Target/ target:
To reduce the scheduled waste by at least 5% on annually basis / Untuk mengurangkan bahan buangan berjadual minimum 5% secara tahunan

h) Other Requirement Team
Objective / Objektif:
Working towards producing environmental friendly product / Bekerja kea rah mengeluarkan produk yang mesra alam

Target/ target:
To achieve at least 80% RoHS compliance for all CIPC products / Untuk mencapai minimum 80% memenuhi kehendak RoHS bagi semua produk CIPC

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